PIUPID returns to reignite the summer on the 12th of August 2017! 

Through the combination of the Games pushing us through the day and the Party pulling us into the evening – we set out to bring you the biggest night of the summer. Athletes in the day will compete in mixed pairs – approaching the signature PIUPID challenge with ferocity and determination.  Barbells, Kettlebells, Burpees and Rowing are all common features prescribed to the athletes. The fast paced, high intensity nature of the workout lends itself to incredible viewing for our spectators, while pushing beginner and advanced athletes to their physical limits. 

The Party side to PIUPID rocks us all the way through the evening, initially serving to refresh and sustain competitors and spectators during the Games. Once the Games draws to a close, we move our attention to the Awards ceremony – where we crown our PIUPID Victors! You’ll be able to catch the athletes rehydrating at the bar or refuelling on some protein/carb rich meals at one of the many street food vendors available.  

Known for our combination of sporting performance and professional partying, we will be offering you some of the best live music available to go along with our bars and food throughout the evening. Accompanied by live DJ’s – the evening is set to rock the socks off the summer.