Athlete, welcome to Pick it Up Put it Down! 

If you’re ready for one of the toughest, most rewarding workouts of your life, in front of friends, family and hundreds of supporters cheering you on, then you’re in the right place. We would like to invite you to compete in the PIUPID 2020 Games.

What can you expect?

The PIUPID Games takes another step forward this year, with athletes getting challenged with TWO workouts throughout the day.


You can expect the format of these workouts to be between 5-20 minutes long, and involving a mixture of functional movements including and not limited to; barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, boxes, rowers, bikes etc.


The games format typically gets released less than a month before the day.


In the PAIRS EVENT, athletes will compete in MIXED PAIRS. You can enter as your own athlete and we’ll pair you up – or you can enter and let us know who you’d like to pair up with! As you book your tickets, we’ll prompt this information.


 With the success of our 2019 Event, 2021 also sees the return of the PIUPID TEAM event!


Teams are also mixed; two males and two females. You’ll also have to complete two workouts as your team – with both workouts going towards your final score and earning you a spot in the final!


In our efforts to maximise inclusivity, while challenging more experienced athletes, this year we ask competitors in the PAIRS event – if they would like to compete as; RX’d, SCALED or FOUNDATION athletes (please click on the boxes below for a small explanation of what each category entails). This means EVERYONE from advanced to new – has the opportunity to experience and compete in the electric atmosphere of the PIUPID GAMES.

We have had tremendous feedback from athletes and attendees, and one of the areas we have built upon is in our judging standards. This year – we will be enrolling 50% of our judges through official Judging certifications to ensure that every lane, heat and athlete has a certified judge to maintain consistency and fairness.


Thank you for accepting your invite to compete in the PIUPID 2021 Games, if you have any questions, let us know at info@piupid.com.


We look forward to witnessing your athleticism Heroes!


Get your tickets now to accept your invite to be a part of the biggest day of the summer!